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Columbus Lawyers Protect Clients’ Driving Records

Experienced traffic law attorneys defend Ohio drivers

More than just a nuisance, a citation for speeding or other moving violation can have serious consequences on your life and livelihood. You could be facing higher insurance rates, points on your license and even loss of employment if you need to drive for your job. There are many circumstances in which you will benefit from consulting with an experienced traffic law attorney before simply paying a fine. At Sabol Mallory LLC, in Columbus, our fast-thinking attorneys have protected many clients from the negative implications of a traffic violation. Before you face the unexpected expenses and complications of a traffic violation, let us help you.

Accomplished attorneys provide exceptional traffic law representation

For clients charged with traffic violations in Ohio, our team of accomplished attorneys can help by:

  • Seeking reduced charges — For example, we can seek to have a reckless driving charge reduced to speeding, a less serious charge.
  • Challenging the evidence — The officer may have stopped you for an improper purpose or relied on faulty equipment, either of which may be grounds for dismissal of the charges against you.
  • Representing you in court — If you live out of state or have work obligations that prevent your attendance in court, we can appear on your behalf.
  • Pursuing alternatives — We can pursue alternatives that will mitigate the consequences of a violation, such as limited driving privileges that allow you to drive to work while your license is suspended or driver intervention programs that help clear your record.
  • Appealing a suspension — Even after your license has been suspended, you may have recourse through an appeal.

Resolving a traffic matter often involves much more than just paying a fine. Before you suffer the unexpected consequences of a traffic violation, contact us to see how we can help.

Contact an Ohio traffic law attorney to protect your driving privileges

To learn how Sabol Mallory LLC can help you avoid the negative consequences of your traffic violation, please call our Columbus office at 614-362-2113 or contact us online.